Not just the admins, but EVERYONE has a shot at changing the wiki to their view. This wiki supports democracy, and so, "you the people" have the power to send us suggestions. If you have a better idea, we wanna hear it! 

Making SuggestionsEdit


  • No abusing/spamming/randomness on suggestions.
  • All rules of The Code of the Wiki apply to this page.

How ToEdit

  1. Make a Header 2, an title it with a topic sentence.
  2. Write a thorough explanation of your suggestion, including examples if possible
  3. Link the pages that your suggestion applies to, if it does. (If all pages, just write All)
  4. Sign off with 4 tildes (signature)

Petitioning (Dear Admins/B-crats Only)Edit

Petioning lets us know if an admin/b-crat votes yes or no to a suggestion. To do this, just write a comment following the suggestion under the suggestion's header/topic. It can be a simple "I second that" (yes/approved), or "I'm against this" (no/disapproved). If you say no to some parts but yes to others, then state which ones you approve and which ones you don't approve. After that, sign off with four tildes (signature).