Wiki Prey/Food/Herbs Guide

The following is an ultimate guide to all of the herbs/medicine, prey, and food you can find in the Valley. Users can use this guide as a reference for roleplays. there many prey in the Valley, and we may miss some, and so all admins can contribute. As for users, you can suggest characters in the Suggestions page.==Prey==


Wild mice are the most common prey for Clan cats in the Valley, dwelling in all land territory for all seasons but winter. They are relatively easy to catch if you are fast and good at trekking terrain.


Wild rats, like mice, are very common prey in the Valley all seasons but winter. Unlike mice though, they gather together and often dwell near the Summer Twolegplace, rummaging for Twoleg carrion. Rats are more common in the Southern Forest near the Summer Twolegplace; in NightClan territory, although they are still plentiful in other territories. They are relatively easy to catch if you are fast and good at trekking terrain, and much easier if you find them in groups. However, watch out because rats are very vulnerable to diseases.


Squirrels are highly common in all seasons but winter, and in territory with much trees, although you can find sleeping squirrels in treeholes during winter, but very rarely. Squirrels are a bit harder to catch if you are not good at climbing. They are more populous in the Wilderness and Southern Forest; in NightClan and WilderClan territory.


Voles are also a very populous race of rodents in the Valley. They are often found around their burrows. Once in their burrows, they are safe from all predators without experienced digging or underground maneuverability skills. They are commonly found all over the Valley during all years but winter. They are slower than other rodents, thus are easier to catch when in a distance from their sub-terrain homes. 


Hares are commonly found on the Rolling Hills in BreezeClan and BurrowClan territory. They are fast and long-enduring runners and have greater force resistance than other rodents. It is hard to catch them if you do not have good stamina and running capabilities, as well as a forceful bite. 

White Rabbit

White Rabbits are commonly found in the alpine forest slopes of SnowClan territory. They are relatively fast, and use the snow's whiteness to a camouflage advantage. SnowClan cats have adapted a sixth sense to detect moving units on snow. White Rabbits sometimes burrow under snow to hide from predators, however, by learning from foxes, SnowClan has found ways to find White Rabbits hidden in snow and pounce on potential areas to catch them.