Welcome to the Fanfictions Page!!!Edit

Welcome to the Fanfictions Page. This page is a list to all written fanfictions related to the Warriors Universe of Warriors: Cats & Clans RPW.

Whats a Fanfiction?Edit

Definition of Fanfiction: Fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular pop culture series, movie, book, etc. 

Fanfic RulesEdit

  • Fic Requirements:
    • All Fics are rated K+ and below. (Rated PG to G)
    • Fics must have mostly correct spelling, grammar, indentation, and punctuation.
    • All Main characters for Fics MUST have approved char-pages made for them on this wiki.
    • Minor Characters do not have to have char-pages made for them.
    • Personalities of Characters as written on their char-page is to be well shown and executed.
    • Fics are NOT Roleplay script styled. Instead, write it as if it were a book.
    • AFTER you finish the story, you must write roleplay/fic history for all portrayed main characters.
  • Suggestion
    • Unfinished Fics are allowed to be discussed in the Gathering. However, I suggest you don't cause we don't wanna have you spoil the story.
  • Infractions
    • WIP Fics not edited for more than a month, and the author has not reported him/herself inactive, the Fic may be removed.
  • Things you could do:
    • You can add related photos.

How to Link A FanficEdit

The Link must look like this:         (Title/Link) - (signature)*                  *Please: Everytime you edit the Fic, replace the signature with a new one.

Please, use bullet points. 

All sequels are to be second-space bullet pointed next to the first one

For Example:

  • Redemption - DanChan123 15:01, May 28, 2014 (UTC)
    • Redemption 2 - DanChan123 15:01, May 28, 2014 (UTC)

Starting Your FanficEdit

Please add the infobox: Template:Fanfic, then fill in the info

If your Fic is incomplete, put WIP as Page Status. If it is finished, place FN as Page Status.

Keep a list of all main characters at the top of the fanfic.




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