Wiki Projects

Wiki Projects are projects, ongoing or unstarted, that are made to help promote and help out wiki grow. Admins, and even users, can help our wiki improve though these projects.

Current ProjectsEdit

Improving/Making PagesEdit

  • We must finish all clan/group pages. Please, send your ideas for new groups, especially Tribes, Evil "Clans/Groups", and other groups. Here's some basic thoughts for such pages:
    • DawnClan - DawnClan is an evil clan following under the ever ETERNAL living (immortal) Dark One-possessed Dawn, one of the original 7 (may change later) cats in the Valley.

Hiring Admins and Attracting ContributorsEdit

  • Because this wiki is in WIP, early contributors will have a huge variety of ideas to share and things to do before the wiki becomes packed. This is a wiki, a community-based online project, thus we need a "community". 
  • Admins, and how you can become one: This wiki currently requires ALOT of willing workers and staff to help enforce policies, shape the wiki, and make it fun or other users, as well as giving opportunities for themselves. If we want this to be a big project, we need a big amount of staff. You can become an admin by either proving your experience on a resume at the Become An Admin page, or be a good contributor who constantly follows rules, handles the wiki accurately and with the "good" kind of creativity, and takes leadership in wiki activites provided for users.
  • How can we expand this wiki's community? Please, new contributors, we want you to "notify the world" of this wiki, or at least try to. If you know anyone who loves these kinds of roleplay wikis, or is a common user at another similar, complete wiki, please tell them.
  • Achieve This!!! We need 200 good quality pages (no randomness please) for us to get at least several little advertisements on similar wikis. I don't know if it will help, but please do it!
  • Achieve This!!! If we hit 1,000 good quality pages, I'll kiss you.
  • Skilled Staff: We are looking for skilled staff who can help us in improving the wiki's look and mechanisms. You do not need to pick one job and go with it forever.
    • ​Computer Website Nerds: Yes, we need "computer nerds" (not to make fun of, okay), people who can make this wiki look like a website art masterpiece, with lots of cool computer mechanisms and stuff.
    • Template Makers: We need templates, things that can better help this wiki through efficiency in letting people know. We need people who can design templates for us:
      • Template:Character Approval - Your Character has been approved by an admin.
      • Template:Warning - You just broke a policy, and this, this and this will happen or may happen.
    • Paparazzi/Image Finders: Our users need a variety of photos they can use, so we can make this wiki more "visual". Also, take your own picures too, or even send artwork if your really good.
    • Wiki Police: We need Wiki Police to help us enforce the policies/rules of this wiki. Even regular users can be moderators for wiki police, and can send reports on the Reports page.
    • Wiki Guides: Wiki Guides have a very important job... letting users know if their doing something wrong, or helping them with questions, and guiding them through roleplaying or char-page making processes.
    • Wiki Planners: A Wiki Planner's job is to plan the future of the wiki, as well as future activities and such. 
    • Quest Makers: Since this is a roleplaying wiki, we need Quests, larger roleplays, and likely the funnest thing to do on this wiki. Quest Makers can use their creativity to create fun roleplays for Users/characters. Also, Quest Makers are the "Dungeon-Keepers", or narrators, of the Quest, that guide them throughout the roleplay.
    • Grammar Nazi: Please, please... if you see a grammar mistake on an article, be a grmmar nazi and correct it. Just don't do it in German...

Further WishesEdit

  • If we really do well on this wiki, we can promote it, and create much more media to this wiki, like a Facebook page or something.