CliffClan well known for its excellent maneuverability, locates its territory along the cliffsides of vast, narrow-gapped gorges, or the Whistling Canyons. Many of them have adapted much more powerful leg muscles, which help them leap farther and with more force. By crossing out all unsafe issues with jumping, climbing, and landing about the cliffsides, the cats of CliffClan make there home a great fortress. They live in cliffside burrows. The winds of the Whistling Canyons block out the sounds of the cats leaping onto the lizards, garter snakes, and ground squirrels that they often prey upon down on the rock beds at the bottom of the gorges. Only their greatest enemies are the hawks, who build their nests on the trees above, and come down to wreck havoc upon CliffClan. Also, many must climb down from the "safety" of the gorges to drink water at a nearby stream.

Current State/OOC Roleplay SuggestionsEdit

Welcome fellow cats, to CliffClan! Let StarClan have us tower above all other clans!

Current State: Healthy

No epidemics, and we are going through nice spring weather!

  • Roleplay: Hunting - Great hunting season - No Troubles
  • Roleplay: In-Clan - WIP
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Eaglestar - 6/9 Lives - Siberian Shorthair tabby tom with brown to black-shaded dashed pelt with tan and dark brown eyes.


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