BurrowClan is well known for its power through making use of the earth. Living among chains of underground burrows, the Clan's greatest power isn’t digging, but their excellence at working together to get things done more efficiently, as well as their inventiveness by using the burrows for all sorts off uses. Many of their cats have developed echolocation skills, helping them get around through the tunnels swiftly without injury. They also use the burrows as of ways to get from one place to another without the surface enemy noticing. However, the burrows sometimes lead to conflicts with snakes, venomous insects, and burrowing owls. Their burrows are located at the Foothills near the Wilderness.

Current State/OOC Roleplay SuggestionsEdit

Welcome fellow cats, to BurrowClan! Let StarClan have us dig deeper into their ancient, powerful roots!

Current State: Healthy

No epidemics, and we are going through nice spring weather!

  • Roleplay: Hunting - Great hunting season - No Troubles
  • Roleplay: In-Clan - WIP
  • ( Im Adderstar leader of Burrowclan. My user on here is Adderstar2002. our rules are on my page. My user on Aj is Lolplz2 comment below if you wish to join )
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Adderstar- Black tom with white accents


Redtail- russet shecat with brown accents - Mentor to Sweetpaw.-

Medicine CatEdit

( none )


Tigerclaw: Brown she cat with grey accents- Mentor to Softpaw.-

Crimsonpelt: Grey shecat with russet stripes

Moongaze: Black she cat with grey spots and brown underbelly

Stardust: Silver shecat with white underbelly and dark grey flecks

Frostheart: Grey shecat with white spots and brown underbelly

Tigerfrost: Black tom with brown stripes and white underbelly - Mentor to Crystalpaw-

Rosefall- Black shecat with brown spots and white underbelly


Softpaw: Black shecat with fluffy pelt and white underbelly

Sweetpaw: Grey she cat with dark grey stripes and white underbelly

Crystalpaw: Pale she cat with grey-purple spots


( none )


( none )


( none )